Samstag, Januar 26, 2008


The happiness that shopping brings. We finally found a German butcher, and though it's all the way out in Hoppers Crossing (about 30 minutes drive), we did not hesitate for one second. Went this morning, and that's what we came back with, plus some Quark, Schwarzwälder Schinken, Mettwurst...OK, the Wernesgrüner and Haribo we picked up at Aldi, and the Jameson at Dan Murphy's, our three favourite shops in one day!
Enough advertising, now on to celebrations: today's Australia Day, and there is no more fitting way to celebrate than with a few stubbies (beers for the rest of the world) and nice little barbie (barbecue....) - though German-style, I have to admit, but then there's no sausages like German sausages, well, at least the Aussies cannot quite keep up. Anyways, as you can see, we're slowly picking up the lingo.
We might head into town to catch the fireworks, but then again, we might be too lazy, a bit over 3o° today, just about bearable. By the way, not all the sausages are for us, some are for Sam and Scott, our Welsh friends from up north (-Melbourne), photos will follow soon, as we're all heading to the Big Day Out on Monday, to see Björk, Rage Against The Machine, UNKLE, Tucker, Arcade Fire, Dizzee Rascal, and quite a few others.
So let's start eating, or maybe a drink first, after all it's already after two!!!

Freitag, Januar 25, 2008


I've been meaning to do this for a while, and finally managed to take some pictures, so here's one of my office, or at least my desk and I better be off, or I'll be late. Don't have any clients sitting in with me today, but maybe I should be on time anyway. Maren's already gone, she always leaves a bit earlier. Hope you all have a good day at work, I know I will, mainly because it's Friday!

Donnerstag, Januar 10, 2008


Der link zu den Photos findet ihr auf der rechten Seite. Einfach auf "Photos" klicken und schon seid ihr da...

Mittwoch, Januar 09, 2008

New Pics

Endlich - Photoshop ist wieder auf meinem pc installiert und somit gibt es wieder schoene neue Bilder. Teilweise noch aus Tasmanien aber auch ganz neue aus Kangaroo Island. Einfach auf den Fotolink klicken....

Montag, Januar 07, 2008

Kangaroo Island Xmas 2007

Kangaroo Island Xmas 2007

Here's a little video of our holidays on Kangaroo Island. We were there for only a few days, you can see our cottage, the seals, Remarkable Rocks, and some other stuff.

Should have stayed longer, and skipped our trip to Adelaide after that, but nobody told us that Adelaide isn't really that exciting...

Anyway, here we are, back at work in Melbourne.

Mittwoch, Januar 02, 2008

...und die Maren schläft noch!

... während der arme Peter um 8 Uhr aufstehen musste um einen langweiligen Tag auf Arbeit zu verbringen konnte ich noch weiter schlafen, denn ich habe firmenbedingten Urlaub. Herrlich. Endlich mal ein paar Tage allein daheim, nur ich und mein neuer iPod und meine neue Festplatte und Gigamäßig viel Musik die hin und her geschoben werden möchte. So macht das Leben spaß. Am kommenden Montag heißt es dann aber auch wieder für mich früh aufstehen und in der Hitze zur Arbeit fahren...:-(

Dienstag, Januar 01, 2008

Happy New ....

and all the you can see, we're getting way too old. Anyways, 2008, 34 degrees at midnight, and we're all alone at home, sweating in our underwear...I guess more information than needed. Anyways...
Had a great time on Kangaroo Island, though a large part had burned down before we arrived. there was still lots to see, photos and such to follow soon, unless we're too lazy. Enough for tonight, too hot to write anymore, after a whole day of 41 degrees, and only one bottle of bubbly we're not in any shape to be very active. so that's our first new years eve at home, ever. Hope you're not all getting as old as we are, and keep partying for us! take care and we hope you'll all have an AWESOME 2008!