Sonntag, März 16, 2008

New flatmate, and more importantly...

Big news, we've got a new flatmate, and her name is Malvina. A tribute to "Malwine in der Badewanne", and "Little Boxes". Though she might be a he, but I guess we'll never know.

And a lot more importantly: we're coming to Germany for most of June and the beginning of July.
A bit of a European holiday, we'll be in Berlin for about a week from 10/06, then Krauschwitz, then Wendtland, then Hamburg for a week from the 22., then Fusion, and not sure where we'll be for the last week. All too short and too busy, two weddings and a festival, but we're hoping to see you all! As always, Sonntag Seebühne!
And we're stopping over in Tokyo for two days, arriving 06/06, so I'm hoping the see the old RBC posse, and of course visit Parkside House.

Anyways, that's the news for those few readers that are still following this blog, as always, we'll try to post a few more things here, on a more regular basis, and now it's time to get in touch with everyone, get your "Maren & Peter Do Europe And Japan" bookings sooner rather than later, cos they'll be sold out soon!
Get in touch, or we will have to!

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