Mittwoch, Mai 07, 2008

RWA Desert Trip Pictures

A little while ago I've been on a trip into Victoria's beautiful Big Desert with my colleagues from rush wright. Big fun! We left Melbourne on a Thursday afternoon in 4 cars, a 101 or called armadillo with camp kitchen, a Land Rover called Red Rhino, a yellow Defender called YP and a hired Troopie called the white elephant. Our destination for the first night was a lodge in the little desert - half way to the big one. There we met Michaels and Caths friends Andrea and Gianni who joined us for the rest of the trip. On Friday morning (early morning) we started our mission to drive through the Big Desert without getting lost - not that we haven't been prepared for: several maps, gps, each car with radio and food and wine for appr. a week. After a lot of driving up and down the hills and getting stuck in the sand several times we reached our first campsite in the early afternoon. Michael our caring boss and 'super-dad' prepared the first fantastic meal in a series of non-stop outdoor eating. Nothing spectacular happened at night. The second day was pretty much driving through the sand, up and down the dunes, getting stuck, getting dusty, getting thirsty. Another fantastic meal, another few drinks, good sleep. Sunday was our last day and yes, mission accomplish. We crossed the desert and we didn't get lost. Can't wait for the next office trip!

Check out the pictures!

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